Nenagh Map

Teamar Quality

Teamar Property Developments is a well established building company constructing houses in Nenagh for more than a decade. Teamar is renowned
for high quality finish and attention to detail ensuring the maximum comfort in your house.

This trait has paid generous dividend for the purchasers, giving homes at affordable prices while exacting very high standard of workmanship.


Renowned as a thriving commercial and business center, Nenagh is the administrative capital of North Tipperary and enjoys an excellent geographical position within easy driving distance of Limerick, Cork, Galway and Dublin. Situated within 10km of Lough Derg which which is the largest lake on the
River Shannon, with the Silvermines mountain range to the south of the town. Nenagh is rich and varied in scenic countryside. It is the steeped in history and culture and holds first class shopping and eateries along its main street.

Steps to Purchasing

When you have decided on the house you wish to buy, pay a € 5000 booking deposit as soon as possible to the Sherry Fitzgerald Talbot representative's office at 52 Kenyon Street, Nenagh,

Teamar Property Developments Ltd's solicitor will then issue contracts to your solicitor. If contracts are not signed by you within 28 days of receipt by your solicitor they reserve the right to sell this house to another party without any recourse to you, so it is very important that you sign your contracts in the specified time.

Your Sherry Fitzgerald Talbot representative will contact you a few days before your new home is ready so that you can inspect it and provide a single snag list if necessary. It is imperative that you carry out your final inspection within 7 day after receiving the call from Sherry Fitzgerald Talbot so that your snags can be remedied. If you do not carry out your final inspection before the 7 days the house will be deemed complete and ready for closing and Teamar Property Developments Ltd, will not carry out any further snagging to same.

Sherry Fitzgerald Talbot and Teamar Property Developments Ltd, will do whatever is possible to make your purchase as easy as possible and we hope the above will be of help to you in your purchase.